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Eastern Home Remedies To Get Back Black Hair Naturally

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In the trend of applying artificial colors over the hair, people are almost forgetting about their natural skin tone. It is the time to stop using the cosmetic variation of hair dye and adopting the natural remedy to get beautiful hair without any artificial touches. The home remedies of getting back natural black hair will not only cover your gray hair but also help you in getting a beautiful hair tone.

The herbs extracted from nature are very efficient in bringing back youth image in you without any side effects. Even these remedies are less costly as compared to the branded colors available in the market. Many people are probably feeling shy to face heir friends, relatives as well as colleagues with the visibility of white hair. Either they pull them out if one or two is present or covers with artificial dye once most are visible. But, today you can get a natural solution of getting black hair.

How to make hair black naturally?

Most of the people are fond of the thick black hair. But, at the same time, wise people do not wish to spoil their hair with the application of hair coloring products available in the market. The best way of getting thick and black hair will be to restore the natural solutions. If you take a look at your home kitchen, there are wide number of ingredients that works brilliantly in making your hair thick in every season. You can get some time to get naturally thick hair with the home ingredients present.

Home ingredients to make black hair naturally


You must have heart about the positive effects of Amla (Indian Gooseberry) on millions of people. Many hair oils and hair care products are made with Amla extract in order to make the hair black, shiny and glowing. But, raw Amla can also be used for making your hair naturally black. You have to take half liter of water and put two table spoon of Amla powder in it. Now add some lemon juice in the solution. It is a wonderful solution to make your hair black if you wash your hair with this solution daily.

Ghee with mulethigheeMulati

You need to take 1 kg of Ghee or clear butter, 1 liter of Amla juice, and 250gm of mulethi or Liquorice and heat all these in a low flame. Let the water evaporate from the mixture. Now, you will get the actual content you are looking for. Now, store the mixture in a glass container. You can use this hair mask every day before going for a hair wash. It is very effective in bringing jet back color of your hair.


You must be surprised to learn the fact that, even the raw mango is helpful in gaining black color of your hair. To make a mixture, you have to peel off some unripe mangoes and add some mango leaves with it. Now put them in mixture and blend them very well by adding some oil. Now, you need to keep this mixture in exposed to sun for a long time. You can apply this paste and get wonderful natural solution.


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Mango stonesMangoSeedOil

You can also apply the oil of mango stones in your hair to get black hair. This is also very good for people having grey hair. It magically turns the white hair into black color. If you can apply this before age, this will stop the hair to become white very fast after eradicating the harmful effect of dandruff.

Orange juiceorange-peels-2

Orange juice is also very effective to get healthy and thick hair. You can add some Amla with the orange juice to get thick as well as black hair. You can peel off orange and mash it so that it can be converted into pulp. Now add some Amla powder in it and mix it very well. You can also view the change in color of orange once mixed with Amla. This works brilliantly to create black and thick hair.

Lemon juice with coconut oilLemonCoconut2

This is an age old remedy to treat black hair totally from the root which must have been suggested by our grandparents. But, sooner it brings out wonderful result by not only making your hair black but also helping in removing dandruff within your scalp and strengthening the root of your hair. You need to take adequate quantity of coconut oil in a container and set it over heat such that it is warm in appearance. Now squeeze half of lemon into it and make a mixture. Apply this solution over your hair such that it touches your hair root as well. Massage your hair in such a way that not a single strand of hair is left out. Use your finger tips to massage the scalp and get gray hair black naturally.

GooseberryGreen gooseberries

Gooseberry has got great benefits of treating any type of problems faced by your hair. Along with hair problems, this wonderful natural fruit is also effective in treating variety of healthy conditions.  You can get solid fruit or in a powdered form in the market. If you are going to treat the problem of gray hair and replace the same with black hair, the powdered form will be the best solution.

To make the solution you need to combine two teaspoon of powdered dried gooseberry and a half lemon squeezed inside. Mix them and apply slowly over your hair touching its roots. It is very important to massage your scalp adequately such that the solution touches every part of hair. You can do this half an hour before showering.


You must have heard about the health benefits of carrot juice which is consumed by many individuals who are really cautious about their health.  Even, in order to stay away from gray hair carrot juice will be a wonderful remedy. You need to drink a glass full of carrot juice every day after getting up in the morning to stay away from gray hair.

Some people might be applying it over their hair. But, drinking carrot juice will be much more effective than applying it over your scalp.  After consuming it for a month you can see visible difference in your hair.

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